Where the Amazon Meets Gaslamp
The Hottest Fusion Restaurant in San Diego

Embark on a Jungle Adventure with Private Dining

Go Wild with Zama’s Happy Hour Menu

Listen to the Beating Sounds of the Jungle

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San Diego’s Modern Alternative to Latin American and Japanese Fusion

Zama aims to transport guests from San Diego to the Amazon jungle with stunning decor that makes for the perfect vibe-dining experience.

Zama is a fully custom-designed venue with 20-foot-tall ceilings, natural wood and stone, copper finishes, and design pieces inspired by the Amazon jungle.

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Redefining Private Dining Experiences

Planning group dinners for your friends, family or your visit to the San Diego Convention
Center can be a daunting experience.. We understand the significance of ensuring a
seamless dining experience for you and your group while in downtown San Diego. At
Zama, our dedicated events team is at your service full-time, managing every aspect of
your corporate or special event from inception to conclusion. Rest assured, your guests
will depart impressed by the San Diego restaurant you’ve selected.
We eagerly anticipate hosting you and your group!

San Diego's Best Craft Cocktail Bar

Best Craft Cocktail Bar In San Diego

Join us at Zama every night for Craft Cocktail Hour, where expert mixologists create exquisite cocktails that will delight your senses. Experience a perfect blend of craftsmanship and ambiance for a memorable evening of cocktail delights.

Enjoy a delicious hand-crafted cocktail inspired by the flavors of Amazon as well as an extensive wine list.

5:00pm – 6:30pm


Zama isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Amazonian wonders, elegantly blended with the intricate art of Latin American and Japanese cuisines. Each dish is a journey, weaving through the heartbeats of Peru, Mexico, and Japan, all within our deep Amazonian ambiance- where the wild heart of the Amazon meets the metropolitan soul of San Diego. Join us for a dining experience that’s unlike any other in San Diego.


Experience a tasteful blend of Latin American and Japanese culinary traditions. Chef Takuya Kudo, known for his visionary culinary artistry, infuses sushi with Japanese precision and creativity, drawing from his experiences at renowned spots like Nobu and Lumi. Executive Chef Jovani Palacious, a luminary in Latin American cuisine, crafts authentic dishes celebrating cultural heritage, creating a dining experience of unparalleled excellence at Zama.

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