Who We Are

The Zama Experience

Step into Zama, where the vibrant spirit of the Amazon mingles with San Diego’s urban allure. Zama is more than just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Amazonian wonders, elegantly fused with the intricate art of Latin American and Asian cuisines. Every dish offers a journey — a voyage that takes you through the heartbeats of Peru, Mexico, and Japan, all under the embrace of our deep, Amazonian ambiance.


About Our Chefs

Chef Takuya Kudo, a visionary in the realm of culinary artistry, infuses each sushi creation with an unparalleled blend of Japanese precision and inventive flair. Drawing from his rich experiences at acclaimed culinary hotspots like Nobu and Lumi, Chef Kudo orchestrates a symphony of flavors that transport diners to the heart of his gastronomic innovations.

His dedication to perfecting each dish reflects a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, resulting in sushi masterpieces that captivate the senses.

Meanwhile, Executive Chef Jovani Palacious, a luminary in the world of Latin American cuisine, brings an exceptional depth of expertise to the table. With an unwavering passion for highlighting the diverse flavors of Latin America, Chef Palacious crafts dishes that are not merely culinary creations but celebrations of cultural heritage.

His culinary prowess and imaginative approach to traditional recipes yield dishes that resonate with authenticity, infusing each bite with a story that speaks to the richness of Latin American culinary traditions. Together, these two culinary virtuosos harmonize their skills, weaving a tapestry of flavors that elevate the dining experience at Zama to an unparalleled level of excellence.

This is Zama. Where the Amazon’s wild heart meets San Diego’s metropolitan soul. Join us for a dining experience that’s both an adventure and a revelation.

Latin American and Japanese Fusion Chefs