Zama’s Zama-Tini: Where Japan Meets South America in the Heart of Gaslamp

Zama’s Feature on the San Diego Reader



Zama, one of the newest restaurants in Gaslamp Quarter, is a place where the vibrant spirit of Japan intertwines with the flavors of South America. A little bit of Tulum’s magic adds to the allure, creating an immersive jungle-themed dining experience that will transport you far from the bustling streets of San Diego. Featured recently in the San Diego Reader, Zama has garnered attention for its unique concept and, in particular, its signature cocktail, the Zama-Tini. We’d like to extend our thanks to the San Diego Reader for recognizing this culinary gem.

The Zama-Tini Experience

Like Zama’s Bar Manager, Gerry Bedolla states, you cannot go wrong with anything named after the house. It’s a fun cocktail that combines sweet and tart elements, citrusy notes, and a delightful pomegranate sweetness in the finish that leaves you craving for another sip.

The Evolution of Flavor

The Zama-Tini has an interesting origin story. It began as traditional pomegranate martini but later transformed into something more flavorful and elaborate. Gerry Bedolla made a crucial swap, replacing vodka with tamarindo mezcal from Divino Maguey.


Zama should definitely be on your “restaurants in Gaslamp Quarter” must try list. We encourage you to read San Diego Reader’s article on us. Also, if you’re interested in trying our Zama-Tini, don’t forget to make your reservation today. Click here to reserve your table.

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Sunday – Thursday
5:00pm – 11:00pm

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