Gaslamp Happy Hour: The Best Bar in San Diego is Zama


craft cocktail on a marble table

In the heart of San Diego’s vibrant Gaslamp Quarter, Zama is the epitome of refined dining and libation. Boasting a reputation as the best bar in San Diego, Zama invites locals and visitors alike to experience the pinnacle of craft cocktails during their irresistible gaslamp happy hour, Sunday through Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. Step into a world where mixology meets innovation, and indulge in the exquisite flavors that define Zama’s signature drinks.


Craft Cocktails: A Symphony of Flavors at Your Fingertips

At Zama, the art of mixology reaches new heights with our carefully curated selection of craft cocktails. Priced at an enticing $9 during happy hour, these libations are not just beverages; they’re experiences crafted to elevate your evenings. Among our must-try concoctions is the “No Way Rose,” a tantalizing blend of strawberry and green tea-infused vodka, rose, grapefruit, sake, soda, rosé, and rhubarb. This refreshing elixir embodies the essence of Zama’s commitment to creativity and quality.


Zama – Tini, a Modern Classic

For those seeking a modern classic, look no further than the “Zama – Tini.” This cocktail is a harmonious fusion of barrel-aged gin, pomegranate, lemon, and a St. Germain foam, finished with a touch of hibiscus. The Zama – Tini exemplifies the expertise of our mixologists, who skillfully balance flavors to create a drink that is both timeless and contemporary. Sip and savor the sophistication of this unique libation, setting the standard for craft cocktails in San Diego.


Journey into the Exotic with the Junglerita

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the “Junglerita,” a bold and exotic concoction featuring tequila, prickly pear, guava, house-made Curacao, and lime. The vibrant colors and tantalizing flavors of this cocktail encapsulate the spirit of adventure, making it a standout choice among our craft cocktail offerings. At $9 during happy hour, the Junglerita is a passport to paradise without leaving the Gaslamp Quarter.


Endless Nights: A Nightcap to Remember

As the evening unfolds, savor the rich and indulgent notes of our “Endless Nights” cocktail. This exquisite nightcap features espresso-infused vodka, cold brew, Mr. Black, walnut, and a boozy coconut whip. Perfectly balanced and undeniably decadent, Endless Nights is a testament to Zama’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of mixology. Experience the richness of flavors and the warmth of genuine hospitality that define our establishment.


Happy Hour Downtown: Where Zama Shines

Zama’s happy hour, available Sunday through Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm, is the crown jewel of the Gaslamp Quarter’s downtown scene. Revel in the sophisticated ambiance, unwind with colleagues, or impress a date with our unparalleled craft cocktails—all at an unbeatable price of $9. It’s not just a happy hour; it’s an invitation to discover why Zama is celebrated as the best bar in San Diego.


In San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, Zama beckons connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to experience the pinnacle of craft cocktails. With a dedication to innovation, quality, and an unbeatable happy hour, Zama stands as the epitome of the best bar in San Diego. Join us for an evening of sophistication, where each craft cocktail tells a story and every sip is a journey into the extraordinary. Your adventure begins at Zama, the unrivaled destination for craft cocktails in downtown San Diego. Cheers to unforgettable evenings in the Gaslamp Quarter!

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467 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 915-5789


Sunday – Thursday
5:00pm – 11:00pm

Friday – Saturday
5:00pm – 1:30am